Blue Mining
Resource Discovery
Maria S Merian
The German Research vessel Maria S Merian
Selection of minerals
Small Nodules East Pacific
Ship-based bathymetry
OceanflORE crawler
An examample of the OceanflORE crawler on the seabed
The autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) ABYSS is of the REMUS 6000 type

Blue Mining: breakthrough solutions for sustainable deep sea mining

An international European consortium of 19 large industry and research organisations on various maritime fields of expertise, the “Blue Mining” consortium, will develop solutions that will bring sustainable deep sea mining a big step closer. In a duration of 48 months the “Blue Mining” project will address all aspects of the value chain in this field, from resource discovery to resource assessment and from exploitation technologies to the legal and regulatory framework. The project “Breakthrough Solutions for Mineral Extraction and Processing in Extreme Environment – Blue Mining” received funding from the European Commission.

The extreme conditions found on the deep-ocean floor raise specific challenges, both technically and environmentally, which are demanding and entirely different from land-based mining. Today, European offshore industries and marine research institutions have some global advantage through their significant experience and technology and are well positioned to develop engineering and knowledge-based solutions to resource exploitation in these challenging and sensitive environments.

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Research Cruises developments

Research Cruises developments

Vertical transport developments

Vertical transport developments

Vision and Objectives

The overall objective. of Blue Mining is to provide breakthrough solutions for a sustainable deep sea mining value chain. This means to develop the technical capabilities to adequately and cost-effectively discover, assess and extract deep sea mineral deposits up to 6,000 m water depths as this is the required range where valuable seafloor mineral resources are found.

Concept of Blue Mining

Concept of Blue Mining

Conceptual picture of Blue Mining project


The Blue Mining team

GA01 - Kinderdijk
GA02 - Aachen
GA03 - Lisbon

Partners about

Graham Nicholson
“Blue Mining shall take a unique look at all aspects of deepwater mining, not only addressing the question of technical feasibility, but also answering questions regarding economics and sustainability”
Uniresearch is the project manager of the Blue Mining FP7 project.
Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by sea and oceans, yet we seem to know less about our ocean space than outer space read more..

Project interactions

The Blue Mining project will interact with other initiatives, current and past research projects. These are EC funded initiatives, like FP7 MIDAS (The MIDAS project addresses fundamental environmental issues relating to the exploitation of deep-sea mineral and energy resources) and ERA-MIN (Era-Min – Network on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries ERA-MIN is an ERA-NET program). Next to this the Blue Mining project will interact with the EC Study: "Study to investigate state of knowledge of Deep Sea Mining".